Head’s Message

Welcome to the website of the Department of Finance.  It is my pleasure to share with you the visions of our department and how we endeavor to materialize them. In doing so, I would like to summarize our mission as providing our students practical, professional and progressive education in Finance.


The curricula of our two undergraduate programmes, BBA in Finance and BBA in Finance and Information Management, are designed to effectively help our students develop their skills and mindset for their future careers with a clear direction in the financial industry. By offering core courses and elective courses, the programmes cover a wide range of practical fields such as investment, financial accounting, Fintech, financial business management, law and finance, and entrepreneurial finance. Through our full-dimensional training, our students will quickly and efficiently pave their paths to becoming professionals in the financial industry.


The Department of Finance encourages and assists its students to pursue professional qualifications and recognitions, such as CFA, CPA, FRM and CFT. Our two undergraduate programmes have been accredited as institutional members of the CFA Institute for several years, and have been offering scholarships to qualified student candidates. Many of our students pass the CFA level I exam and CFP exam in their senior year. To meet increasing demand for Fintech professional recognition, we encourage our students to take the CFT (Certificate in Finance and Technology) exam, and now we are effectively cooperating with IFTA (Institute of Financial Technologists of Asia).


The grand transit to the digital economy has made profound and permanent changes to the financial industry. AI technology, cryptocurrency and big data analysis are shaping the future of new financial services and professionals. We will march along with this great trend by providing our students learning experience of these frontiers through seminar series hosted by prominent professionals and experts, as well as financial lab training sessions and investment contests. Our strategic partner CSMAR Financial Information and Technology will provide us with the hardware and software support.

My friends, the global financial industry is now at the crossroad of rapid and profound transformation again. We sincerely invite you to join us to be a part of this exciting future, and shape it with us through your active participation.


Dr. KONG Xiaowei, Vivian


Department of Finance