Aims and Objectives

Aims of the Programmes

The programmes provide a broad-based curriculum with integrated finance, business and management elements, designed to meet the changing needs of the market, and prepare our students for a successful career in finance. They are designed to produce technically versatile, professionally ethical, globally focused and industry sought-after graduates, particularly to meet the foreseeable demands in the banking, financial and commercial markets following rapid economic development on the mainland and in Hong Kong. The programmes equip students with:

  • An all-round education with emphasis on a wide range of knowledge and skills in banking, financial management, investment, financial analysis and issues on Greater China;
  • Enhanced employability with regard to pursuing a career in finance;
  • Solid theoretical knowledge on finance, business and management to pursue post-graduate study or research;
  • A good sense of professional ethics, social responsibility and commitment;
  • Superior knowledge and skills in using advanced technologies related to business applications.


Objectives of the Programmes

The objectives of the Programmes are to provide students with a wider range of potential job opportunities by helping them to develop broad-based and multi-disciplinary skills in finance, information and general management for financial as well as commercial organisations, locally as well as overseas, particularly in view of the career opportunities as a consequence of the economic and financial developments in China. The programmes deliver

  • An understanding of finance from a behavioral finance perspective;
  • Business and economic knowledge as well as management and mathematical skills for management functions. These knowledge and skills also serve as the building blocks for more advanced learning;
  • Accounting concepts, framework and technical abilities to understand financial statements for management analysis, decisions and control;
  • A strong sense of professional ethics, integrity, accountability and social responsibility;
  • Generic skills in creativity, critical thinking, and effective communication;
  • Ability to apply IT to business applications;
  • Legal knowledge in business and taxation for commercial purposes;
  • Ability in self-learning, independent research, and application of knowledge in the real world.