Programme Info

Title of Programmes BBA (Hons) in Finance BBA (Hons) in Finance and Information Management
Normal Duration 4 Years (Full-time)
Credits Required for Graduation 123 Credits


Programme Characteristics

Cross-disciplinary Curriculum, Specialised Knowledge in Finance, and other Professional Training
The four-year learning schedule allows students to undertake courses in different disciplines such as general education, humanities, arts, media communication, social sciences, and science and engineering. With respect to specialised knowledge in finance, there are courses available in six sub-groups – Banking, Financial Management, Investment Management, Technical Finance, Sector Finance, and Topics in Greater China. Students are able to undertake elective professional courses in accounting or courses of personal interest in arts, media communications, science and engineering and other disciplines. Capitalizing on the interdisciplinary strength of our college, we offer comprehensive undergraduate finance programmes ranging from general to academically and technologically advanced as compared to other similar programmes in the region, catering for various career and academic aspirations of the students.
Regional Relevance
The economic and financial developments in China and the economic cooperation between the Mainland and Hong Kong have created tremendous business and career opportunities, especially in the internet finance, banking, securities and insurance sectors. Our Programmes are designed with the relevant content to develop a comparative advantage among the graduates to capture these opportunities.
Specific Career Opportunities in Finance
Our Honours Finance Programmes also provide opportunities for the students to acquire industry specific financial skills in real estate, financial technologies, venture capital, insurance, and trading of financial securities, which are significant business activities in the region.
Emphasis on Professional Ethics and Code of Conduct
All the programmes offered by the College instil respect and strive for high ethical standards, objectivity and integrity. The College emphasizes to our students the code of professional conduct and good ethical behaviour. This is in line with contemporary regulatory and corporate governance practices world-wide.