Head’s message

We are living in an age of crises. Many of you were born in the 90s, you and your parents may have been affected by the Asian Financial Crisis in 1998, the worldwide financial tsunami induced by the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008, and the recent European financial turmoil in 2012. While Mainland China was insulated from these turmoils with unprecedented economic growth, we are wary of the spillover effect of a burst of its growing asset bubble. Hong Kong being an open economy is both blessed and cursed by the economic changes of the East and the West. Strategically located at the south gate of China, meeting the East and the West with very few natural resources, its success relies greatly on its open policy to develop and acquire a creative and professional workforce. Our Department of Finance provides an all-round and yet technologically focused finance education so that students will have the serenity and capacity to grow and appreciate the various facets of their ever-changing lives.

Being a comprehensive finance programme, it provides the management skills and the technological know-how for you to surf through the financial and business cycles. It helps instill in you a personal framework to achieve and sustain financial independence and affluence regardless of the inevitable risk of turmoils and bubbles. Our staff, though a team of technocrats advancing fronts in various areas of academic research in economics and finance, is your partner always ready to nurture, advise and help you.

Head of Department